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Stucco clad buildings, for the most part; ALL have some degree of water intrusion related issues.The degree of the problems depends on the continuity of the underlying waterproofing, and the composition of the underlying structure.Stucco, as a masonry veneer over wood framing, has shown itself to be particularly prone to accelerated wood rot caused by even the smallest of leaks.While brick and stone "breathe" to an extent, the nature of stucco, with its contact to the structure, traps the moisture causing rapid deterioration of wood.Most of the more recent home designs are more susceptible to leaks because there are just more places for them to leak.The old one-story square box with large overhangs was rarely a problem.Then came multiple stories, multiple roof lines, multiple masonries, multiple stucco bandings, tiled decks, framed stucco columns , parapet walls, hidden gutters, the list just goes on and on.The more architectural activity happening with the design, the more chances for leaks, and ANY leak in stucco is a bad leak
Stucco itself, rarely is a problem.The water intrusion issues occur “where the sidewalk ends”, or all the various terminations and penetrations required during the process of cladding a building.That continuous square footage of stucco in the middle of a wall somewhere with no penetrations is rarely a problem.Tests have shown a properly mixed and applied product to be water resistant in extreme conditions.

Installation Errors

The most common problematic areas can be summarized as follows. While all are termination issues, some are aggravated by absence or misapplication of other components.

The problems do not always evidence themselves, and those that do, are not necessarily obvious. Some of the signs are obvious to anyone, most are very subtle and noticeable to only a trained inspector. At Mark Gault Company, we can provide you with the full scope of services, including casual "walk-arounds", certified documented inspections, complete repair, and assistance in repair cost recovery. If you are considering selling your home, it is important to inspect your home prior to placing it on the market. The independent inspectors who will visit your home after the contract is executed are very much aware of the pervasive problem, and that’s a really bad time to find out about it. “Stickin’ your head in the sand” will NOT make the problem go away! Call Mark Gault Company and schedule an appointment today. We'll come over, walk around the house with you, talk a little, and see where it goes from there.