Stucco Installation Errors

One of the most common stucco installation errors is the termination of the stucco immediately adjacent to penetrations.When this condition occurs, a proper caulk joint cannot be applied resulting in the rapid failure of the joint and leaks into the stucco

This same termination error is also common at the bottom of the stucco where the veneer is taken all the way down to the bottom-abutting surface with no ability to "weep" moisture that might be in the wall.Stucco that is run into the ground can "wick" moisture up the wall causing damage.All stucco subject to moisture, needs to be terminated at the bottom with a proper "weep screed” and with a proper clearance to allow moisture to exit.The above picture illustrates the aggravated effect that occurs when water, which entered around the window, was trapped by the absence of any drainage ability.
The following pictures illustrate several common problems associated with stucco installation.

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