Porch, Deck, and Column Installation Errors

Decks and their posts and columns are typically more exposed to weather and subsequently more prone to leaks.Tiled decks are of particular concern because of the porosity of the tile surface.Without proper slope and an adequate drainage plane, water loads up in the "mud" base beneath the tile and becomes a subsurface pool migrating to even the smallest of perforations in the waterproofing.Special attention needs to pay the base flashings with diverters and kick-outs.The damage typically affects the underlying structure and is a cause for immediate concern.Framed stucco columns should be inspected thoroughly.As supporting structural members, their integrity is paramount.Most common errors are:
  • Improper base termination
  • Improper flashing above the column
  • Penetrations
The following pictures illustrate several common problems associated with columns and tiled decks. The most common problems include improper waterproofing, flashings and penetrations. The "mud" base below the tile becomes saturated with water and without proper sealing and drainage techniques, slowly leaks into the underlying structure causing critical damage. Likewise, Railing penetrations are the cause of substantial problems. Water enters through unsealed bolts allowing intrusion into the underlying structure.

The following pictures illustrate several common problems associated with porches, decks, and columns.

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