Ground Terminations

Improperly terminated stucco, at the ground level, is problematic at multi-levels. Clearance above the ground is required as well as a “weeping” capability. The most common defect is the condition where the stucco continues down the wall and into the dirt. This causes three primary problems. First, water which may be traveling down the drainage plane behind the stucco from leaks above is trapped and leaks into the structure. Second, moisture can “wick up” into the stucco and transfer that moisture into the structure. And third, this condition is particularly conducive to termite infestations. The damage from the termites is often worse than the damage from the moisture. While there are cures for this condition, the retrofitting of “weep screeds” on the wall structure is NOT recommended. Another common condition where this same type of defect occurs is the construction of stucco clad wood framed walls on hard surfaces such as porches, decks, walkways and driveways. The most common of which are columns. See the following pictures for examples of this condition.